About Us


dogWalkin’ the Bark Rescue was founded on the belief in dogs’ great potential to bring an amazing amount of happiness to our lives. The incessant wagging of their tail, the enthusiastic lick of their tongue, the unabashed joy and contentment they show in simply being in our presence are among the canine qualities that never fail to lift our spirits and give us a reason to smile, if not laugh out loud. Dogs are the furry embodiment of optimism, devotion and unconditional love.

And yet millions of dogs are put to sleep every year in US shelters. Around the world, where government-sponsored shelters may not even exist, several millions more live and die on the streets. Even among the dogs that have homes, many are poorly treated, neglected, even abused outright, and often eventually abandoned.

little dogWe may not be able to completely end the undeserved plight of these poor animals who relied on people for their well-being and were at some point let down, but we can count ourselves among the compassionate individuals who take the steps, no matter how seemingly small in the wake of such vast suffering, in making a difference somehow.

Walkin’ the Bark Rescue takes in homeless dogs without prejudice regarding origin, breed, size, or age. To combat pet overpopulation as well as to lower the risk of mammary cancer in females and prostate problems in males, each of our dogs is spayed or neutered prior to adoption. They are also current on shots and microchipped.

tiny dogDogs that come to us with an illness or injury are provided with any necessary medical attention while in our care, regardless of cost (which is why your contributions are always appreciated and much needed). We do not have a shelter facility so our dogs are fostered by volunteers in a home environment where they live and are treated as members of a family until they are adopted.

Every single dog that joins our rescue holds a permanent place in our hearts. As with all those we love, we care not only about their physical health but also their emotional well-being. Our goal at Walkin’ the Bark Rescue is not only to save the life of a dog, it is to place him in a home where he can live up to his utmost potential to bring joy and comfort to those around him.

rescueWe hope to find forever families that will appreciate and nurture each dog’s spirit while providing them with discipline and leadership so that they can participate in life’s pleasures. It is our goal to provide our dogs with an environment in which they can bask in the glow of being wanted and loved, and in which they can infinitely amplify that same glow and reflect it back to their people.

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation

Walkin’ the Bark Rescue is a publicly funded organization and does not receive any government or private grants.  We rely solely on donations made by caring individuals to continue our rescue efforts.  Every cent we receive is fully tax-deductible and goes directly to pay for the medical expenses incurred by each dog.

Dogs remain in our care from a few weeks to several months.  At a minimum, each receive current vaccinations and are microchipped and spayed/neutered.  Any medical conditions are treated, and it only takes one small surgery or emergency to completely wipe out our funds.  Cost has never been a consideration when it comes to the well-being of our dogs–please help us to ensure it never is.

Every dollar counts and no amount is ever too small. 

      Donations can also be mailed to: 
      Walkin’ the Bark Rescue 
        4464 Lone Tree Way #1064 
        Antioch, CA 94531